Lisa V Smith Photography | Testimonials

I love the "candid" nature of the shots...everything looks so natural and not posed at all...even the posed shots!  Love it!  Every other shot we look at Rocco says, "oh, we should blow that one up for the wall".  We only have so much wall space.  haha.

-Tina Barry


Thanks so much for posting the pictures! We love checking every day and seeing that you've added more :) They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I mean really stunning. You did such a great job at catching the moment and feeling of evening and individual guests. I cannot thank you enough!

- Lisa Dyakovski


Karen & I are awestruck with the photos you've posted on your website so far. If these are any indication of what's to come, we just couldn't be more thrilled. Your lens captured all the key action, raw emotion, and stunning beauty of the day!

- Nelson Hall